About İdeal Teknik A.Ş.
Our company, which is in operation since 2013 is going to be a separate institutional structure in this sector in order to accelerate its activities such as solar energy systems, energy transmission lines and lighting poles, guardrail, wire fence, steel pedestrian overpass, pedestrian scare, traffic marking and plate systems and steel construction systems. In the beginning it started to give a more professional service.

Nowadays, our team of specialists for manufacturing traffic safety systems is at your service in every project. Our firm, which has been successful in many projects, has a strong technical infrastructure and expert team and the expectations o its customers. And works in paralel with contemporary technologies to target unconditional customer satisfaction. We will be honored to work with you in our ongoing activities with the principle of quality service.
Çerkeşli OSB Mah. İmes Osb 21.Cad. No:1 (624 Ada 1 Parsel) Dilovası KOCAELİ  Tel: 0262 502 15 90   Fax: 0262 502 15 93   idealenerjisistemleri@gmail.com   info@idealcelikenerji.com

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