Our company, which is in operation since 2013 has started to provide a more professional service in the energy sector since 2014 by moving with in the İdeal Teknik Yapı Enerji ve Endüstriyel Kalıp A.Ş. to a separate institutional structure in this sector in order to accelerate its activities the energy sector-oriented work such as solar energy systems, energy transmission lines and lighting pole, guardrail, wire fence, steel pedestrian overpass, pedestrian scare, traffic marking and plate systems and steel construction systems.

In the beginning it started to give a more professional service.

The prospect of alternative energy sources is increasing day by day.  Nowadays, our team of specialists for manufacturing solar energy systems that at the beginning of alternative energy sources, traffic safety systems is at your service in every project with our expert team to produce energy at zero cost.

Our firm, which has been successful in many projects. We have been conducted successful energy sector projects such as power transmission lines, lighting poles, projectors and flagpoles, projector and flagpoles. Our strong technical infrastructure and expert team is working for unconditional customer satisfaction in parallel with the expectations of its customers and in line with current technologies.

And works in paralel with contemporary technologies to target unconditional customer satisfaction.

We will be honored to work with you in our continuing activities with the principle of quality service.


  •     İdeal Teknik Yapı Enerji ve Endüstriyel Kalıp A.Ş. is aware of the sector, innovations in the sector and all kinds of technological developments.
  •     Our company is consisting of experienced, analytical, practical solutions, and a professional staff based on rigorous working conditions.
  •     Working without sacrificing high quality standards.
  •     It is our main goal to make system installations with efficient, long lasting, and the most economical cost.
  •     In our business life, honesty, transparency, full informing and customer focused solutions are the main objectives.
  •     We ensure that our products and systems comply with international quality standards and are not harmful to health and environment.
  •     We will work to generate surplus value in the country's economy by providing economic contribution and energy efficiency with our activities
  •     We aim to be the permanent and first choice of our customers with continuous customer satisfaction and fast delivery.
  •     It is always our basic principle to rebuild ourselves by investigating the better.